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HEARBLISS High Fidelity Women’s Earplugs  are specially designed by women, for women to better fit your smaller ear canal, and match your finer sense of style


Designed by Women, for Women with the softest materials and a better and more comfortably fit a woman's smaller and more sensitive ear canal.


Love your virtually invisible earplugs that blend with the color of your skin and carrying canisters that complement your exquisite sense of style


Hear the music, feel the groove, talk to your friends - at more comfortable volumes while protecting yourself from long term hearing loss.

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HEARBLISS High Fidelity women’s earplugs reduce the volume of most sounds to safe levels while maintaining flawless clarity of speech and range of music. HEARBLISS High Fidelity earplugs are designed to attenuate sounds while preserving the original quality – hear it exactly as you would hear it without earplugs, but at a comfortable volume.

Premium Acoustic Filters reduce sound levels evenly across the spectrum so that speech, music and the sounds you want to hear sound clear and natural, not distorted and muffled as they do with other earplugs. Enjoy the full range of the music, and still hear what your friends are saying!
Discreet and almost invisible - The semi-transparent, super soft, medical grade, hypoallergenic TPE material blends into the color of your skin, and when inserted into your ear becomes nearly invisible. No one will even notice that you are wearing earplugs!
Super Comfortable - Specially designed to fit most women’s smaller ear canals with an ergonomic design that follows the natural bend of the ear canal to reduce pressure points, and secure the earplug in your ear for comfortable all-day use.
Hear all the instruments - or your own instrument - clearly. Consistent use of your high fidelity earplugs while practicing, performing or listening to live music will help to protect your hearing from overexposure to loud sound throughout your life.

What's in the box?

Our Promise

Your HEARBLISS earplugs come with a 1 year ‘Never Lost Guarantee’. Should your earplugs become lost or damaged within 1 year of the purchase date, just let us know, and we’ll send you a replacement pair.  FREE.

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Designed to complement a woman's style

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Will these work with inner ear piercings such as a tragus piercing? ?

Usually, but it depending on how far back your tragus piercing sticks into your ear.  If the piercing is too far back, it might be in the way of the earplug and prevent it from being able to be inserted into your ear.  We do offer free returns, so if they don’t work with your piercing, you can always return the earplugs at no cost

Are these earplugs latex and BPA free?

YES, all of our earplugs are latex and BPA free and made of hypoallergenic materials to prevent any discomfort, itching, or reactions.

If I lose them, you'll really send me a new pair for free?

Yes, if you lose one or both of your earplugs and contact us within 1 year of purchase, we’ll send you a replacement for free – as long as you’ve registered your ‘Never Lost’ Warranty with us here.

Can I carry a conversation with friends at a loud bar with these earplugs in?

Yep.  Many people say that they can actually hear their friends better with our earplugs in than out because they help cut down the background noise and bring the person’s voice into focus.

What if I lose them more than once?

Our ‘Never Lost Guarantee’ covers 1 free replacement, but if you do lose them more than once reach out, and we’ll see what we can do.  🙂  We’re a small company looking to change the earplug industry – and part of that is providing a level of customer service that the bigger players just can’t match.  Let us surprise you!

My daughter/wife/mother has auditory processing disorder/autism and is sensitive to noise in places like her gymnastics facility / dance class / fitness class / church / community center / classroom / mall / grocery store. Will these work for her?

They should! We have a number of customers who report that our earplugs have helped them or their loved ones deal with overwhelm associated with loud sounds.  One customer reports that she can go grocery shopping on her own now without ending in an anxiety attack.