Why We Made

Our Story

Raising the bar is what we do.

So, when we couldn’t find earplugs that met our high standards, we decided to create them. HEARBLISS High Fidelity Women’s Earplugs prove that you can protect your hearing without muffling the sound, without looking like a dork!

It no longer has to be a compromise.

We didn’t want to settle for mediocrity and having to choose between showing our ears some love and protecting them vs. enjoying the musical performance of a lifetime.  Add in beautiful packaging, a functional design to better fit women’s ears, and a dash of classic woman’s styling and the result is HEARBLISS.  We wanted it all.  Now we want to share it all with you.


HEARBLISS is a Woman owned, family run small business.  With the creation of our high fidelity earplugs, we need to create a brand that embodies the power, strength and beauty of our earplugs – and our customers!  Functional, beautiful, and nearly invisible high fidelity earplugs that actually work — and that women will love to wear — without compromise.