High Fidelity Earplug Instructions

Inserting and Wearing

Please be sure to read all instructions and warnings. We recommend practicing inserting and removing your earplugs in a low noise environment prior to using them for the first time in a loud environment. Practicing inserting and removing your earplugs, and adjusting for the best fit will help to ensure proper fit. Always insert your ear plugs before entering the noisy area.

For some users, it may take a little time for their ears to get used to these earplugs. This is normal. Many users report that they are able to hear speech, music, their own instruments, and their band-mates better after wearing these earplugs for multiple sessions.


  1. With clean hands hold the ear plug tab between your thumb and index finger, making sure that the tab is positioned so that it will be at the bottom when inserted.
  2. Reach over your head with the opposite hand and gently pull your outer ear up and back (This helps to straighten the ear canal for better insertion). Insert the earplug until comfortably snug, using your index finger to gently apply pressure against the filter and guiding the plug into your ear canal. Try wiggling and twisting the plug to find the best fit.
  3. Be sure not to release the tab until you have successfully positioned the ear plug in your ear. Do not push the plug further into your ear after releasing the tab.
  4. Be gentle and do not over-insert.


  1. Gently pull down on the ear lobe to open the ear canal.
  2. Pinch the tab of the earplug and remove gently and slowly, twisting to help break the seal. CAUTION: Always remove ear plugs slowly. Rapid removal or failure to use as directed can cause serious injury or hearing loss.
  3. Clean after use with a damp cloth.

Attaching the Neck Cord

TIP:  The neck cord also fits perfectly on your Apple Airpods!

Cleaning and Maintenance

Wipe the ear plugs with a damp cloth after each use. Store them in your included aluminum canister.  The ear tips can be cleaned with mild soap and water, but only after the filters have been removed.  Reinsert the filters only after the plug has dried thoroughly.  Do not use harsh chemicals or alcohol to clean the earplugs. Inspect earplugs prior to wear for dirt, damage or hardness – discard immediately if compromised.  Replace at any sign of wear and tear.  

Removing the Filter:

Remove the filter by gently pulling back and stretching the silicone around the wide end of the filter. Work the filter out of the silicone eartip slowly so that the filter does not pop out and get lost. Carefully grasp and remove the small filter with your thumb and index fingers. To reinsert the filter, ensure that the wide end of the filter is facing outwards. Insert the filter by pushing the lower side of the filter in first. Then press down on the wide side of the filter and stretch the silicone of the ear tip around and on top of the filter. The filter should sit fully inside the eartip, with the silicone ring on top holding it inside the eartip. To achieve the certified attenuation, the filter must be correctly fitted and positioned.


CAUTION: Keep away fro m infants, small children, pets and individuals who have a tendency to place inedible objects in their mouth. This product may interfere with breathing if caught in the windpipe or if the cord is wrapped around the neck, which could result in serious injury or death.

HEARBLISS high fidelity ear plugs are designed to provide comfortable, discreet and reliable hearing protection for social situations like live music, nightclubs, sports arenas, motor sports etc. HEARBLISS should not be worn to prevent against impulse noise such as shooting or for use with heavy machinery like jackhammers. In other situations of extreme noise exposure where HEARBLISS is unable to provide enough protection, please seek additional or alternate methods of protection.

HEARBLISS ear plugs are not suitable for anyone under the age of 13. Please do not use HEARBLISS if your ears simply won’t accommodate a good fit. Noise induced hearing damage is a factor of exposure time and decibel level. Depending on your overall exposure, hearing damage may still occur even if HEARBLISS ear plugs are used correctly. Considering the variety of environmental and biological factors at play, HEARBLISS cannot be held solely responsible for the protection and function of our ear plugs. If you cannot remove the ear plug or it has damaged the ear, please seek immediate assistance of an ENT physician.

Failure to fit and use ear plugs according to these instructions will reduce their effectiveness. Failure to wear hearing protectors 100% of the time that you are exposed to hazardous noise may dramatically increase your risk of developing hearing loss.

CAUTION: Remove with a slow twisting motion to break the seal. Due to the tight seal, rapid removal may damage eardrum.

Unless you have talked with your physician, do not wear ear plugs if there is any drainage from your ear, or, if you have a hole in your eardrum.

Re-inserting dirty or soiled ear plugs into your ears may cause discomfort and/or skin irritation in the ear canal. Do not use hand creams or lotions immediately before inserting them into your ears, as these substances may damage the ear plugs. Do not attempt to clean ear plugs with alcohol or other disinfectants. Plugs should be routinely washed with mild soap and warm water. Filter should be removed from earplug prior to washing. Keep filter dry.

Overprotection can be dangerous. The wearer must be able to hear warning signals. Wearers with hearing loss should exercise extreme caution.

Use caution when working around machinery or any other equipment to ensure neck cord does not become caught or entangled.